Getting Started

My Teaching Approach


My intention as a piano teacher is for all my students to enjoy, understand and play music independently, therefore, I emphasis on self-awareness and conscientious practising habits. I view piano lessons as an important extension of every student’s education. I approach students as individual as I believe that no two students are alike, and that each student will learn and develop in their own pace and time. By shaping each lesson to match my student’s pace of learning, I ensure to keep in constant open communication with my students in order to effectively tailor my lessons to suit each student’s learning goals and desires.

I am happy to help students pursue any genre that interests them – contemporary, classical, hymns, jazz, and more. That said, I believe that “classical” music training is the most holistic approach to help improve your overall musicianship, and in most case, the focus will be on classical repertoire and playing techniques. Additionally, whilst many go by rote learning/ “playing by ear”, I place stronger emphasis on reading and aural skills than I do for ear training for beginner students.

Please read the FAQs that cover my credential, readiness for exams and practice guideline for students. 

Please also read my teaching policies that cover payments, attendences and holidays.


Lessons in General

Rates (Per Term/11 lessons) with effect from 2024

45 min lessons: from $770
60 min lessons:  from $990

*All fees are subject to yearly review.

Fees are subject to change depending on the accessibility of student’s home and lesson time (peak/non-peak hour).

Students who join mid-term will have their fee prorated accordingly based on the week they begin lesson.

Additional charge will apply if I have to reschedule/swap my current students’ lesson just to accommodate yours. Please understand that rescheduling will affect my travel plan and fee and it may also impinge on my personal time.

Fees are not based solely on the minutes I am sitting next to students/your child teaching and face-to-face communication with parents. They also cover beyond teaching hours which includes:

– Travel time and fee
– Time spent planning on schedule, lesson and repertoire
– Outgoing communication between lessons as needed via texts (e.g scheduling)

Courses Available

A 45 minute / 1 hour trial lesson for prospective students is strongly recommended to establish several issues such as student’s goals, mutual rapport between teacher and student and younger student’s readiness for lesson.

Classical Piano Course: 

Level taught: Beginner, Grade 1 to 8, ARSM, Diploma (ABRSM/ATCL/LCM)

Lessons will be focused on Classical repertoire, technical development, development of practice strategies and basic music theory (advanced theory lessons may be taken separately). Beginning students will learn how to recognise, read and write notes through the use of method books and supplement pieces. Basic techniques such as hand position, sitting position, scales and more advanced techniques will be taught progressively.

Leisure Piano Course:

This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to pursue contemporary genre. That said, theoretical and musical knowledge is the main focus. Performance opportunities also available for students seeking recognition and accomplishment for their efforts. 


Performance Opportunities

All students are provided with performance opportunities twice a year in June and December, or whenever they are ready.

Accelerated Theory Lesson (ABRSM Grade 5)

This intensive theory course is intended for students who wish to focus and work towards ABRSM Grade 5 Theory within a shorter time frame. Students are expected to be able to read basic music notation prior to taking up this course.

This course is chargeable on monthly basis at $400 at 4 x 1 hour each. Fees are subject to change depending on the accessibility of student’s home and lesson time (peak/non-peak hour).

Teaching Hours & Locations


Monday to Thursday: 10am to 9pm (peak hours: 3-7pm)
Friday – 10am to 8pm (peak hours: 3-8pm)

Saturday – 830am to 4pm (peak day) 
Sunday – 830am to 1pm (peak day)


Students’ home in west, north and central areas of Singapore